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Frequently asked questions

Posted by Scott Dennstaedt 
Frequently asked questions
June 28, 2011 09:47AM
Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What are the overall goals of the two-day workshop?
A - As presented in the workshop, the goals are as follows...
1. To increase your situational awareness beyond the standard weather briefing
2. Reinforce what you may already know
3. Retrain you on areas that are broken
4. Teach you new techniques and tools to take you to the next level

Q - Can I get FAA Wings credit for this workshop?
A - Yes. This program is accepted under the FAA Wings Program.

Q - Do I have to become a member of AvWxWorkshops.com to attend the live workshop?
A - No, but this isn't recommended. The workshop teaches you how to use dozens of websites that are encapsulated in the Internet Wx Brief Roadmap. To access the Roadmap, you need to be a Wx Brief Only or Elite member of AvWxWorkshops.com. Moreover, posting questions in our forum after you've attended the workshop requires a membership. Elite members receive a 15 percent discount on the cost of tuition. Lastly, unless you are an Elite member, you won't have access to the 100 basic workshops available in the AvWxWorkshops.com library.

If you are not interested in joining as a member, you can still register for the workshop, but you will not receive any member discounts. Often the discount on the tuition will pay for or nearly pay for a good portion of the annual membership. Please understand that discounts cannot be made retroactive once you purchase tuition for the workshop.

Q - Is this workshop for me?
A - Maybe. The answer depends on your flying activity and mission. If you are an instrument rated certificated pilot that is making frequent cross country flights of 200 nm or more, this workshop will enhance your situational awareness of the weather before and during a typical flight. However, pilots at all experience levels and ratings are invited to attend. CFIs and FAA designated examiners are also encouraged to attend.

Q - I am not instrument rated. Is the material presented in the workshop directed towards an instrument rated pilot?
A - No. Pilots without instrument ratings will still benefit from this workshop. However, a pilot who is instrument rated or is training now to become instrument rated will get the most leverage from the material presented.

Q - I am a fairly seasoned pilot. Will I be able to leverage the material presented to advance my knowledge and skill set?
A - Absolutely. Even if you have thousands of hours of experience, you can benefit from the material presented. While some of the presentation covers basic knowlege that all pilots should understand, the material will delve beyond the basics and will likely surprise most pilots on how little they know about the standard guidance they've been using for years. Moreover, new techniques and weather products that are likely unfamilar will be covered and will greatly enhance your situational awareness, especially on those more challenging flights.

Q - Is there a more specific course syllabus outlining the material to be presented in the workshop?
A - Yes. The course syllabus and agenda can be found here.

Q - I currently own the Beyond The Weather Brief and/or Mastering the Skew-T Diagram premium workshop. Is the material presented in the live workshop just a repeat of the training found in the premium workshop?
A - No. Of course there are overlaps in some of the material, but the live workshop is a completely new program developed from scratch. The premium workshops represent a good primer for the live course.

Q - I have attended the Weather or Not, Under The Weather and/or Beyond The Weather Brief workshops in the past. Is the material in Weather Essentials for Pilots different?
A - Yes. There are overlaps in some of the material, but the Weather Essentials for Pilots live workshop is a completely new program developed from scratch.

Q - Is there anything I can do to prepare for the workshop?
A - Not necessarily. Reviewing or purchasing the Beyond The Weather Brief and/or Mastering the Skew-T premium workshops are a good start. In addition, reading through all of the e-Tips and weather-related magazine articles will be very helpful. If you are an Elite member, it will be a great benefit to have reviewed most of the basic workshops as well.

Q - Will there be any handouts so I can take notes?
A - Yes and no. There will be no paper handouts. An Adobe PDF file containing the slides in the workshop will be made available to download for FREE at the beginning of the workshop. Animation slides will only show the last slide in the animation.

Q - Once the workshop is over, how can I maintain my proficiency in weather and get answers to my questions?
A - If you have not done so, the best course of action is to become a member of AvWxWorkshops.com. Elite members will have 24/7 access to a library of aviation weather workshops. Also, you can continue your education with one-on-one online training. This is especially useful when applying the material for a proposed flight you are planning.

Q - I don't see any locations that are right for me. Are you adding any locations that may have a better fit?
A - Yes. New locations are being considered. The best approach is to register as an Elite member to be notified as new locations are added. Or check back often by visiting the Live Workshops page for a location near you. Or you can purchase a recorded version of the Weather Essentials for Pilots and Skew-T Weather Essentials premium workshops. While not the same as attending the workshop in person, you will hear and see the material from the comfort of your own home.

Q - I live in Canada or Mexico and do most of my flying there, will this workshop cover material pertinent to my flying?
A - Yes and no. Most of the curriculum is useful for pilots flying anywhere in the world. However, some of the material presented including any preflight planning scenarios is focused on pilots who fly in the U.S.

Q - What is the cancellation policy?
A - Click here to view the cancellation policy for this workshop.

Q - I've read through all the FAQs and still have some additional questions. Who can I call to have those questions answered?
A - Please call Scott at (704) 759-6601 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. eastern time.

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